Autumn 2018 Sermons

Autumn 2018 Term Card available to download.


10.30am Morning Service — Christian Counter Culture

Matthew 6–7

Followers of Jesus know that we are to be like him, and different to the world around us. But that is much easier said than done, especially in a world that is steadily drawing us away from Christ’s values. So we must continue to turn to our gracious Saviour, King and Teacher to give us clear vision of what Christian community and life look like under his loving rule.

King David – Behind the Scenes

King David – ruthless warrior? tender worshipper? 
David is one of the most fascinating characters in the Old Testament. Getting to know David and his relationship with his Lord, who took him on that remarkable journey from shepherd boy to King, always reaps rich rewards.
This mini-series looks at four Psalms which give us an unusual window, to look right into David’s heart and see all that his relationship with God meant to him.
Let’s use these songs to take us “behind-the-scenes” of his outer life, to look and learn, as we see the intimacy with God that lies behind his extraordinary life story…

How we wait

In our Advent series this year, we discover together what it means to wait on the Lord and for the Lord.

6.30pm Evening Service — Set Free


The promises from the Old Testament have been fulfilled; God has done absolutely everything, in Jesus, to set us free. Free from our failings. Free to be the kind of people he wants us to be. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? What more could we ask? Unfortunately, living in the reality of that truth is not as easy as it sounds.
In Galatians, Paul shows us how to escape some of the snares along the way and how to live a life of joyful freedom. Let’s go on this journey through Galatians together and be truly set free.

On Eagles’ Wings

Isaiah 1–39

For centuries, Isaiah’s words have encouraged thousands of Christians who face the ups and downs of this life while waiting for the Lord Jesus to return. His prophecy shows this hope against the dark backdrop of misplaced trust and great unfaithfulness. This book exposes those false paths and directs our dependence towards God.